It was a warm Tuesday afternoon and was just back home after my french class, I found myself craving for some sweet and something cool to drink. I am usually a green tea lover and keep sipping one in any odd hour throughout the day. As usual i turned on my kettle to make a cup of green tea….. but in my mind i was thinking of something refreshing and cool. Quickly then, checked into my fridge, grabbed a few mint leaves, lime and sliced few cucumber ……….. ah!!! my drink was exactly what i was craving for. I enjoyed it with a slice of the carrot cake that i had made the previous night. 



  • 1 Twining’s Pure Green tea bag or 1 tea spoon loose green tea
  • Water 250-300ml
  • Lime juice ½ of small lime
  • Cucumber 2-3 slice
  • Mint leaves 2-3
  • Peppermint essence 2-3 drops
  • Pure honey 2 teaspoon


  • Put the green tea bag into the hot water and let it steep for just 2-3 min and not any longer than that, so that your tea does not become bitter.
  • Squeeze half of small lime into a glass
  • Add few mint leaves, few drops of peppermint essence, cucumber slice and muddle the mix
  • Fill your desired glass with ice cubes and pour in the muddled mixture.
  • Now add the green tea over it and the honey. Stir well and your Mojito is ready to serve. Few mint leaves can be added as garnish and extra freshness.

NOTE- This is a non-alcoholic version, but you can use some Rum for that perfect drink for your cocktail party throughout the summer month.

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