For a foodie like me it’s important and essential to detox my body every now and then. Moreover, as the season of festival begins, so do the season of delicacies. Living up the spirit of each festival without missing any bit of fun and food, it just requires a glass of “Detox in pink style”.


Excellent source of antioxidants, fiber (about 40%), vitamins (vitamin C) and minerals.

Benefits: Ease out digestion, supports a healthy immune system, low in fat& calorie.

Though a foodie, I never ignore my health. I love to keep a balance in the 3 E’s – Enjoyment, Eating & Exercise.  Fresh veggies, fruits& seeds are an important part of my kitchen and my lifestyle, which also helps to keep my family healthy.


  • Strawberry 4-6
  • Blueberry 10-12
  • Green apple ½
  • Celery stick 1
  • Mint leaves 3
  • Honey 1tablespoon
  • A pinch of pink salt


  1. Clean and roughly chop the apple and celery. Throw in all the ingredients into the bender jar. Blend it to a smooth puree
  2. Add the required amount of water to adjust the consistency you desire, then stir in honey and garnish with a mint leaf.


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