DETOX IN PINK STYLE with berries, green apple and mint



It is always a good idea to being a week detoxing your body after the weekend partying.

For a foodie like me it’s important and essential to detox my body every now and then. Moreover, as the season of festival begins, so do the season of eating and indulging . Living up the spirit of each festival without missing any bit of fun and food, it just requires a glass of “Detox in pink style”.


Excellent source of antioxidants, fiber (about 40%), vitamins (vitamin C) and minerals.

Benefits: Ease out digestion, supports a healthy immune system, low in fat& calorie.

Though a foodie, I never ignore my health. I love to keep a balance in the 3 E’s – Enjoyment, Eating & Exercise.  Fresh veggies, fruits& seeds are an important part of my kitchen and my lifestyle, which also helps to keep my family healthy.


  • Strawberry 4-6
  • Blueberry 10-12
  • Green apple ½
  • Celery stick 1
  • Mint leaves 3
  • 1/2 inch ginger
  • Honey 1tablespoon
  • A pinch of pink salt


  1. Clean and roughly chop the apple and celery. Throw in all the ingredients into the bender jar. Blend it to a smooth puree
  2. Add the required amount of water to adjust the consistency you desire, then stir in honey and garnish with a mint leaf.


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