Living in middle east has given me endless opportunities to learn, get inspired with its vivid flavors  and to create some authentic and  some fusion recipes too…….. How can I explain, oh man!!!! There is so much to learn from the Middle East only……

This drink is usually very common during Ramadan.  Served ice cold, the floral fragrance of rose water…….. “Aah! What’s this??’” when I first had it in a restaurant while enjoying my Ghabga (the meal which is served after Iftar and goes on for the whole night until the morning meal Suhoor), just beautiful!  by its appearance and taste too. Just like the rich culture their drinks are rich too, with nuts, saffron and rose water……woof!!!  Sounds so ROYAL!


This drink is a unique blend of grape molasses, dates and rose water, served with lots of ice, topped with pine and almonds and that’s a must to make an authentic Jellab…. A cool summer Arabian drink!!

All the ingredients are easily available in any middle-eastern store.

Prepration time 10 mins


2-3 tbsp.  Store bought Jellab syrup


1 Tbsp. grape syrup

1 tbsp. date syrup

2 tbsp. rose water

2-3 tbsp.  Store bought Jellab syrup

2 tbsp. finely chopped pine nuts and almonds

Few golden rasins


  • Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, little water, and all the above ingredients except the nuts
  • Top it with nuts and rasins

Your Royal Drink is ready to serve  

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