10 Smart Ways to Have a Healthy​ Lifestyle

I took my tentative steps towards upgrading my mental and physical health three years ago. Through my blog, I would love to share the experience of my fitness journey, my routine, workouts, tips, nutrition plan and help you get started on your own.



Many a time we see our will power fading down, so it is very important to know why do you want to achieve your fitness goal. Going back to the reason for starting your fitness journey will spur you again.

For example, in my case, the most telling motivating factor was my great affinity towards dressing up and be in a presentable state even at home. After I had my second child I decided to get back in shape as soon as possible and be able to wear not only the same old dresses I used to wear before but also fit into all of those dresses which I was longing for, from quite some time.

Secondly, to have more energy to run around managing the busy life of a mum of a child and an infant. With reasons like these, you are more likely to achieve your goal.



  • Make your goals ACHIEVABLE:  Set your goals to be measurable which will make it easier to achieve. For example, Exercise thrice a week to start with. I started with only walking, five days a week, sometimes even four days a week.
  • Be SPECIFIC with your goals: Be very clear what you want to achieve. For me, my main goal initially was to lose weight.
  • TIME bound: It is very important to set a deadline to your goal. For example, in my case, I had set a goal of reducing at least 6kgs of weight by my younger daughter’s 1st Birthday.


 RATE yourself : Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10(10 being definitely). Ask yourself, how much you believe you can achieve your goal. Your answer should be at least 8 or above. Psychology suggests if your rating is below 8, your goal is less likely to be achieved.

SMALLER TARGETS : Break down your goals into smaller targets which are achievable. For example, you have a goal of exercising 5 days a week, which may have a tendency to become too stretchy.  Try to exercise regularly thrice a week initially, and then gradually up your game to four days, and then to five days.



Build your training or a normal workout whatever it maybe. Do not rush to achieve your target and eventually hurting, yourself or falling sick. Either way, it is always better to build up your body to a sustainable regime. For example, from the third month of the delivery of my child, I started with just walking that too not regularly, then gradually light workouts in the gym, followed by regular training when I felt my body can do more and hence can be pushed towards tougher targets. I repeat this exercise of setting higher goals myself, at regular intervals, so as not to stagnate at or fall down from my current level.

This builds up your sense of achievement and makes you feel ” yes! I can do it”. Hence, it builds up your positivity of moving forward setting up goals for each time.


Health and fitness are not just a goal but a lifestyle. It is much easier to achieve when you have people around you to support and appreciate your new lifestyle. Tell people what you are doing, make your lifestyle noticeable. Catch up with friends, go for a good workout session and have a great time for a healthy meal afterwards. This also helps in boosting up your motivation.



Just like eating, sleeping, going for work etc, exercising just for 30minutes is enough for the day. No matter how busy your day is, plan out a 30minute physical activity which is achievable. It does not matter if there is no time for gym, go for a run or a walk, even that will count.



It is extremely important to follow a good diet to get an effective result from your exercise. Exercising without a good diet ruins your hardwork. It is similar to watching a movie with fabulous actors but a poor script. Do a research, make a diet plan with the help of a trainer or dietician or someone who has knowledge in this field. 

Below are the pictures of some healthy yet delicious recipes like, Falafel Wrap, Zero oil mustard cilantro grill fish, Haloumi egg open sandwich, Sophisticated chicken curry( with chicken breast)

For example, I started with controlling my portions, including more of fruits, salads, reducing snacking habits, inculcating munching on plain nuts, dried fruits and seeds.

Limiting your eating out to may be once a week or once in two weeks.


Motivation  gets you going and habit gets you there

A good training program and a good eating plan will do wonders.


9 thoughts on “10 Smart Ways to Have a Healthy​ Lifestyle

  1. Sirisha says:

    Amazing Manishi… I hv started recently n I am. unable to continue the diet….i guess after I read ur blog.. I will be inspired

    • petitechefbigplatter says:

      Great to know that you have started!
      Well that’s the problem with many, unable to continue but not to worry Sirisha… it took time for me too. It is not over the night change, but a gradual approach. I will be sharing a post about my personal experience very soon, so keep checking. Please do not quit, as i know you can do it and for sure you will do it.

  2. Anu says:

    Have been doing this, courtesy; an ex Air hostess trainer and a model, hence its become a habit now for me.
    Good going.

    • petitechefbigplatter says:

      Thank you Anu for dropping in. Am so pleased that you liked you. Yes! staying healthy is not a challenge but a choice and eventually a habit. Grt going towards a healthier lifestyle. Take care and stay happy 😊

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