5 Ways to have a Healthy Family Time



Transform your weekends from Mall visits to healthy family time in       5 FUN WAYS your family would love!

Daily grind through the week makes you look forward to the weekend bringing you much-needed relief in the form of relaxation and chill out time. But, the mall culture taking a firm root all over the world, many of us tend to while away our precious weekends at various malls. What was supposed to rejuvenate us for the next week, ends up wreaking us in the form junk food, mindless spending, very little physical activity and disconnect from nature, of which, we are a part.



Of course, we can’t and shouldn’t avoid malls for they offer us the convenience of one stop shop for everything that we need. Moderation is the key to taking benefits of everything without falling prey to overindulgence.



That precisely is the subject matter of this post and you will be spoilt for choices apart from malls to utilize your weekend time. 


Consider tracking how your family spends time over a typical week to give you perspective on all the little time wasters that are not productive or beneficial.

Cheerful extended family playing board game on the floor.

Too much television or shopping could signal neglect in relationships. It is always a good idea to do things your child/children and your spouse loves to do. This certainly sends a message of love and affection towards each other.

  1. Schedule one day – Plan at least for one day every week for special family activities. In this way, you will not feel the urge to visit a shopping mall.
  2. Prepare a scene –  Plan out a picnic and invite few friends to join in. Do not bother to make an elaborate meal, instead make some quick sandwiches like spinach corn sandwich, Rajma Biryani(kidney bean rice) or some wraps/ rolls, fruits and drink. The idea is to have some quality outdoor time with your family.
  3. Get active – Go to a park, play some sport like badminton, football, cycling etc. You can even pack your breakfast or a snack and simply have a fun outing at a park, at the beach, by the river bank, or even going on a hiking. Again, this results in family bonding, keeping everyone in your family active and fit, quality family time spent.
  4. Walk and talk – Go for a walk and talk on a daily basis if time permits. This will not only increase the bonding with each other but will also help you to keep fit. For example, this has been a regular activity in my family over the years.                   Even My mother who is here in Bahrain for a visit looks forward to the evening walks along with her grand daughters and of course me. She says, “Even walking at a temperature of 38-40 degree Celsius is refreshing!”.
  5. Someone wise had said “A family that dines together stays together”
  • No gadgets – Turn off the television, do not entertain checking the phone as the smart phones and gadgets have no role to play here, no to play station and video games.
  • Be an active listener – Start with enjoyable talks and conversations, listen to each other’s stories, especially your children’s.
  • How was your day – Encourage your spouse and children to discuss what they plan to do, what problems they may be having or whatever is on their minds. Do not come up with negative talks, share positive talks.
  • Helping hand – Helping your spouse in the daily chores is certainly stress relieving and quite romantic too. Ask your family members to help you in preparing the meal; simple tasks like cutting and arranging salad, preparing the table etc. Trust me! it is so much fun to do that.


Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing moments of joy and sorrow, doing household chores together, going for walks, exercising together, playing board games with family or friends and planning a popcorn and movie night at home are examples of our favorite shared activities.

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