Losing weight without changing your regular diet! Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

But YES! it is possible. Various research has proved that it is possible to lose weight while sticking to your regular diet. What you need is a little change in your lifestyle.

Believe it or not but it is very true, following the 3 simple tips, you can lose weight in a few weeks. I believed it when I experienced personally. Religiously following these 3 simple tips for two months when i just started, I saw a remarkable difference in my body weight as well as losing body fat.

*  NOTE:  Regular diet here I mean by home cooked food and not any kind of restaurant food, junk food or any party food.

For any beginner struggling to lose weight, is a challenge on itself and when you are asked to go on a diet you may get excited and start it off with a bang! but sudden change in diet, restrictions, exercising becomes not only  uncomfortable but also you tend to give up after some point of time.

Just 3 simple change in your routine life can do wonders in losing fat as well as body weight.

1) WHY WORKING OUT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH?   The theory behind working on an empty stomach, before having breakfast has the advantage of burning more fat and losing more calories. As a beginner when you do any kind of moderate cardio session like brisk walking, jogging on a treadmill at a moderate speed for 30-40 minutes, cross training on an elliptical machine or even walking or jogging outdoors, walking up stairs for about 10-15 times without stopping etc, your body fat burns faster.


What happens is, the body also has storage of glycogen in the liver that is released and converted to glucose when needed this lasts for about 30 minutes with moderate intensity cardio. now, when you continue doing the same beyond that time the body then use muscle as a source of energy.

2) WHY WE SHOULD HAVE EARLY DINNER:  This is true that eating dinner early helps in reducing weight. Research suggests that having late dinner and obesity is related. Ensure that you finish your dinner as early as possible by 8pm, at least 1-2 hours before you go to bed.


Benefits of eating dinner early

There are several reasons amongst which, one good reason would be, to avoid over eating. The more the gap between your lunch and dinner is, the more you feel hungry and find it difficult to control your cravings for snacks. Especially, when the gap between lunch and dinner is too long, its leads to over eating. You tend to eat more because you are too hungry.

Another reason would be, if you eat a heavy meal just before bed time, you feel uncomfortable. the gastric juices moves up, irritating you and causing heart burns. In order to avoid acid reflux it is always advisable to eat dinner early. having a good amount of time gap between your dinner and bed time ensures a good night sleep and healthy self.

Another reason when you eat late and heavy, you do not have an appetite for eating breakfast in the morning which can cause further problems.

3) WHY SHOULD CONTROL IN THE PORTION OF OUR FOOD: Large portion means more food and the more you eat. They encourage people to eat more and to underestimate how much they are eating. Research has shown that people consistently eat more food when offered larger sized portions. Hence, portion control is important when you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off.


HOW SHOULD WE CONTROL OUR PORTION SIZE: Use small plates and cups in the dining hall. When eating out, order  appetizers or main course. Order the small size, or share large portions with friends.


See it is so simple! You follow the 3 simple tips for 12 weeks atleast , I am very sure you will get 100% positive result. Once you experience positive result just like me, you will feel inspired and motivated, and you will follow the same regime for the rest of your life. Eventually you will motivate many in this journey of staying healthy and active.




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