Chatpata & Sugarfree Spiced Plum Chutney


CHUTNEY, a versatile element in Indian cuisine and culture that not only blends its flavor with other dishes but also enhances the flavor and complimenting the dish you are having with. Chutney in simple terms is a condiments, that are served with almost every meal in India, with snacks, curries, and also as sauces for meat and fish dishes.


Wether chutney originated in India or England doesn’t matter to me much, as far as it gives me the ultimate lip licking satisfaction, I am going to relish them from where it may have come.

Typically, India Chutney mix are made, fresh or raw fruits and veggies, green chillies, green herbs and spices, an acid base such as vinegar or tamarind juice and sometimes sugar ground together to make a paste. Since most of the  Indian chatnis are made fresh, they are supposed to be consumed soon after they are made.


In Assam Chutneys have sweet variations too. Mangoes, apples, pineapple, plums, lemons, olives etc are widely used to make sweet chutneys . They are most commonly served with Luci ( puris) or fried flat Indian breads. Sweet chutney and luci is a terrific combination that cannot be altered by any means.

As I am writing this, I am really getting tempted to have a plate of  “Luci- mitha chutney”…… this is what soul satisfying means to me! Hmmmm… yumm!


  • 250 fresh red plums
  • 2 stevia tablets
  • 1tsp red chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp red chili flakes
  • 1tsp cinnamon powder
  • A pinch of hing( asafetida powder)
  • 1- 2 tsp ground roasted fennel seeds( bhuna saunf)
  • 1 tsp carom seeds( ajwain)
  • 1 tbsp ground jaggery
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • Few raisins


  1. Roughly chop and pressure cook the plums with very little water, until soft.
  2. Once done, in a strainer mash the cooked plums until you get the thik puree, leaving behind the peels and seeds on the strainer.
  3. Pour this purée into a saucepan and cook it over medium heat. Now add the remaining ingredients gradually, stirring constantly to avoid the sauce sticking to the bottom.
  4. Let the plum purée cook for about 10 minutes or until the texture becomes thick and jam like consistency. Once done, remove from the heat and let it cool down to room temperature before you start storing.

Your sweet, spicy, tangy ( in one word it is termed a small CHATPATA in Hindi language) PLUM CHUTNEY is ready to relish with anything you can imagine with.

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