WOMEN WELLBEING Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life


Animal lives revolve around four basic needs namely eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. But, for us humans, real life begins only when we are able to go beyond. Living or struggling just for the basic needs is tantamount to the criminal waste of a precious opportunity called human life and not only the person in particular but also the whole of humanity is party to that crime. Our instinctive reaction to this statement would normally be defensive in kind. But, it is apparent that if a person creates or invents something good then everyone is benefited and by not letting that happen, we will be depriving ourselves of those things. Every single human life is a tremendous possibility if only we let it blossom to its full potential and the first enabling step in that direction is access to or being able to be in a state of general wellbeing.


Wellbeing, as we know, covers the whole gamut of all kinds of health and happiness and everyone deserves it or rather should be in a state of wellbeing. However, the priority and importance must be given to women wellbeing for the simple and most basic biological reason that they bring to life and nurture the next generation of life on earth. This will remain a truth forever whether convenient or inconvenient; numerous debates around male-female role in civilization notwithstanding. The wise course of action would, however, be to accept the fact and make every effort towards women-wellbeing to ensure well-being to the next generation and then to the next and so on.


This shouldn’t in any way be viewed as demeaning women and their achievements but to acknowledge the fact that women-wellbeing is a key to greater and all-encompassing well-being of the whole of humanity.
Women well being to me is the sustainable development towards being able to be yourself, to feel good about yourself, coming out of your comfort zone and make yourself the best possible you.


Mother Earth and Women are no different.

The way every living being evolved under the care of mother earth, she being the source of life, nourishment, and learning and provider of everything to live well and all of these vital things, in turn, depend on well being of Mother Earth herself, which to a great extent, goes on to mean maintenance of ecological balance. Devastating after effects of rampant exploitation of natural resources have time and again proved this point beyond doubt and finally seem to have gotten hammered into our heads and people at various levels are taking necessary preservation measures.


Similarly, the wellbeing of women is important because, it reflects the well being of her surrounding( family, kids, friends, society). She is the key to the well being of the family and the next generation that will have an impact on the society.

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