Z pizza Restaurant review

PIZZAAA! Anything more tempting than a pizza tale? Not yet, says my friend Abdullah!, who is the biggest pizza fan I have ever come across. But with Z Pizza, it is at a different level altogether.
Whoever said pizzas are unhealthy, however well-intentioned may that be, isn’t entirely correct. When you have a wide range of options of traditional style fresh Handmade & FIRE BAKED pizza with crust options of regular & BROWN wheat; with organic tomato sauce and topped with PART- SKIM mozzarella cheese, that’s yummy meets healthy. It can never get any better than that.
Weekend evening is supposed to be a pizza thing at my home, of course, for, neither me nor Biman. It’s just for my girls. Any time you ask Renee and Annie, what would you like to eat on a weekend evening, with gleaming eyes they’ll shout out in unison, PIZZA!
After nearly 2 hours of shopping @juffair_mall, my girls literally dragged me out of the store and we wend our way to the ZPizza, quite conveniently located at Level 3 of Juffair Mall. The cute little outdoor sitting area enables you to still do some more window shopping sitting at your table while your food arrives.
ZPizza is a pizza franchise which is founded in Laguna Beach, California in 1986 by Sid Fanarof. ZPizza has more than 80 locations all over the world.


Unlike other commercial pizza outlets, ZPizza offers healthy and nutritious brick oven baked pizzas made with finest of ingredients like certified organic sauce and non-GMO flour. It provides options of crust in regular as well as whole wheat to cater to health conscious customers.
Most of their veggies are organic and imported from Holland. Healthy, nutritious gourmet pizza is what makes ZPIZZA stand apart from the rest.


Zpizza offers a wide variety of options to choose from, in their appetizers, pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches.
ZWINGS and Z PARMESAN FLATBREAD STICKS were ultimate to start with. They were skillet baked, succulent chicken pieces, hand tossed in your choice of 7 different special sauces like buffalo, super hot buffalo, bbq, pesto, chipotle pesto, thai peanut, and colombian spicy and served with ranch dipping sauce. The thai peanut, buffalo super hot and pesto sauces tempted me most.
I was quite impressed to see the varieties in veggie pizzas, but my favorite one is
Z TUSCANMUSHROOM, with delicious flavors of caramelized onions, feta and truffle oil.
In chicken pizzas, their Z RANCH; an all time favorite and THAI; quite a unique one, were amazingly delicious. My friend couldn’t stop hogging her ZPEPPERONI, while I was busy relishing mine.
My younger daughter mostly loves pasta with white sauce, but she happily relished the CHICKEN pasta with z special sauce that is close to mixed sauce.
The salads and sandwiches were equally fresh and delicious.
The TAKE AND BAKE option they have is simply fantastic! Just take your ready to cook pizza and pop it into your oven whenever you want to eat. ORGANIC, WHOLE WHEAT CRUST, PART-SKIM MOZZARELLA! Really healthy isn’t it!
There is also an offer of 10% discount to all Fitness First members; yay!!!! I wouldn’t mind grabbing a healthy pizza after a workout session at Fitness First Juffair.



Very conveniently located in Juffair Mall, level 3, with a cute little outdoor sitting area. The Juffair Mall branch offers a choice of placing customized order at an ease from home through their online ordering facility, delivery service, take away and dine in too.

For more information, call +973 17 870 555 JUFFAIR MALL LEVEL 3 and SULTAN MALL, ZAYED TOWN.

Please visit http://www.zpizza.com/

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A Highly recomended healthy pizza outlet in Bahrain by far.


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