TEENAGE DEPRESSION IS AN EMOTIONAL SICKNESS! 8 ways on How to Cope with Teenage Depression

Mom: Are you ready for your class

Daughter: Mummy, I am not feeling good. I don’t feel like going anywhere.

MOM: You can’t miss your class. Moreover, you don’t look sick!

Daughter: Please mom…please!

Mom: I don’t want to hear any kind of excuse.


They are dramatic, irrational and they scream for seemingly no reason at all. Don’t you think so?

Who are THEY?

They do stupid things, but, at the same time, they have a deep need for both greater independence and tender loving care. You could say this about teens or toddlers. And here’s why: After infancy, the brain’s most dramatic growth spurt occurs in adolescence, and that growth means things get a little muddled in a teen mind. Teen brains are also wired to seek reward, act out, and otherwise exhibit immaturity that will change when they become adults.

Being a mother of a teenager, I can see and understand the behavioral changes in my daughter and her friends as well. I do get annoyed at times with some of her silly acts, and react unreasonably. But then, I realize that I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I realize the phase she is going through and act accordingly. I know it is difficult to handle some of these situations at times, but patience, love, and a little understanding work all the way.

Biman and I as the parent feel sad when we hear about such incidents and stories and often discuss it. We ensure, that a healthy and happy environment is maintained at home keeping in mind of our new teen member.

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“It’s a big public health challenge today and a big problem to be reckoned with, but, not enough is being done to tackle effectively.

This year we had seen many highly successful people falling prey to depression, resulting in losing their lives.

We often talk a lot about depression in women, men, or people in general. We do comment a lot and even give out solutions, but, quite often we tend to overlook depression in teenagers.

Even TEENAGERS can have mental health problems. No parent should ignore this and rather help the young person out of the situation.

The teenage years can be tough, and it’s perfectly normal to feel sad or irritable every now and then. But, if these feelings don’t go away or become so intense that you can’t handle them, you may be suffering from depression.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel this way. Help is available and you have more power than you think. There are many things one can do to help one’s own or friends’ children start feeling better.


Anger, loneliness, lack of concentration, lack of interest in doing things that they used to enjoy earlier, sad and hopeless emotions, irritable, tiredness, eating and sleeping disorder, obesity or appetite issues, an attempt towards inappropriate acts, etc are just a few signs of depression.


What could be the reasons?

Social media( to be on the top of my list), Peer pressure, bullying, anger, eating and sleeping problems, loss of someone dear, abuse, and many more.

These are the kind of questions, we seek to answer and find appropriate solutions.

Here are certain things which I feel would help and make some difference.

  1. Happiness and sadness are as such natural feelings. Feeling sad at certain times is quite normal, but when this feeling of sadness is prolonged, and there is a continuous change in the child’s behavior, means he or she might need help.
  2. Without ignoring such signs or symptoms of depression, talk to the child. Let him or she knows that you are always there to help them out, and willing to listen to what they have been going through.
  3. Assuring that without being judgemental you would listen to them as to how they feel and why they feel so. This is important because every teenager go through different behavioral changes during this age.
  4. No Why’s & How’s! When too many questions are thrown upon, it’s a general tendency for the young person to become a little reluctant. Avoiding asking too many questions may help them open up.
  5. Being happy yourself is so much important to create a happy environment around. Engage the young person in more socializing activities. Spending more of family time with them, playing sports together, watching movies, making friends meet often are some of the ways to prevent the child feel unwanted or isolated.
  6. Engaging in some other activities such as music, cooking together, volunteering for animal care center, art etc will also help in limiting the time spent on gadgets and social media. Social media pressures are also one of the leading reasons for depression or mental health ailments these days.
  7. Ensuring proper sleep and more of nutritious food than junk goes a long way in helping out. Make the healthy lifestyle a habit.
  8. However, even after sincere attempts at making things right, if the symptoms still persist, one should not hesitate in seeking professional help, expert advice.

No matter how bad the problems may seem, love, care, and patience always go a long way in the healing process.

This is our belief, share yours. I would love to know your views on it.

Stay happy and take care


2 thoughts on “TEENAGE DEPRESSION IS AN EMOTIONAL SICKNESS! 8 ways on How to Cope with Teenage Depression

  1. Jacquelyn Cheville says:

    I really enjoyed how u shared this I grew up toss and turn I always wanted my mom to be my mom never we drew apart over the yrs even more after more my 2nd marriage when she was kinda force to come curtain ways b step father that as I thought was my real father which another long story as we drew apart as well no my little she as now really dont want nuttin to with me cuz of all my issues I have it’s not my fault I lost chuck of memory and also borderline personal disorder at a long GAD anxiety major is issues due to my childhood teenage yrs thank u for understanding me and thank u for share u TIR

    • petitechefbigplatter says:

      Life is not always a bed of roses…. this is what I’ve perceived and tought my daughters too. So sorry to know that so much you had to go through since childhood.
      I am really pleased that you loved my post. Thank you so much.

      One thing I would like to say that do not let the stress control over you that it takes away your peace. Take care😊

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