Dates and Walnuts Modak

Seems like what a surprise! Ganesh Chaturthi is almost here, just a day after. The official beginning of the festive season and an official excuse to eat sweets and savouries.

Modak, the favourite sweet of Gannu, Lord Ganesha. It is in everyone’s mind to offer modak to the elephant headed Ganesha.

Well, there is endless permutations and combinations these in making g of modak. You name it and there it’ll be available in the market.

I feel previledged and blessed to Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi by the blue water of the Gulf sea. In a serenely beautiful island of Amwaj, Lord Ganesha or Gannu ( me and my kids are more comfortable with this name) comes to our friend Pradip and Neha’s home every year.

Unfortunately none of us in our family has a sweet tooth, but Ganapati Bappa has one right!

So here we are in the month of sweets and savouries, month of festivities yay!!! I could already feel the warmth and joy of festivals.

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