Dalia Upma or Broken wheat Upma

During our self isolation period, Biman has taken over my kitchen for next few days. I said that I will give directions without being beside him, and assured him that in these few days he would master a few easy basic and even gourmet style recipes.

Home cooked meals are always the best meals ever. My girls vote for it too👭 and are enjoying daddy’s cooked dishes.

I have made simple menu, yet interesting so that it’s easy and quick for him to cook before he starts his work.

Dalia upma for today’s breakfast.

Dalia is also called broken wheat which is basically the natural wheat husk. A wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner option. With so many health benefits it easy to cook, and easy on your pockets too.

An excellent option for the vegetarians and vegans too. One can also substitute with rice or roti to complete your meal.

✔High in fiber, hence great for metabolism.
✔Rich in manganese, B – vitamin and minerals.
✔Good source of protein and helps I building muscle mass
✔Good for diabetics

✔Easy to digest
✔Great for growing children
✔Great for weight loss.
✔Easy to cook.

I already mentioned so many benefits and goodness of this wonder age old Indian food. It can either be cooked in form of porridge, halwa or savory form with veggies.

▪️1 cup of dalia or broken wheat
▪️1/4 cup each of your favourite vegetables finely chopped.
▪️Few curry leaves (optional)
▪️1-2 roughly chopped and 2 heaped spoonfull chopped ginger
▪️1 Dry red chilli, few cashews, 1 tsp mustard seeds and 1 tsp urad dal( optional)
▪️1 tbsp ghee or cooking oil. 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 cup water ( depending on type of dalia).


▪️Heat ghee/ oil in a pressure cooker and add red chilli, mustard seeds, urad dal , then add the ginger, curry leaves and cashews along with hing( asefotida).
▪️Now add the rinsed dalia, veggies, stir for a minute and add the water and salt. Give a quick stir and close the lid of the cooker and pressure cook until 2- 3 whistle max.
▪️Take off the heat and wait until the pressure releases.
Serve hot with your favourite chutney.

Build your immune system strong to stay healthy and fit with such easy home cooked recipes.

Stay home, stay safe, eat healthy and be positive.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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