10 minutes 6 ingredients Avocado Chickpeas Breakfast Toast

Nothing is inexhaustible. But, nothing seems more so than time. No matter how efficient you get, time always manages to slip through.

In the current situation, when everyone is locked up home, it seemed at last we have it in abundance. Alas, nothing can be further from truth.

Husband and both daugthers are working / studying from home. When they are home you tend to take more care of them by providing snacks, drinks etc,
and other things they may need.

While hubby and elder daughter are on their own so far as work is concerned, younger one needs hand holding
and closer attention and there goes my abundant time just like that.
Moreover, cleaning the house on a daily basis, doing laundry and maintaining hygiene also eats up considerable amount of time.

When time is scarce you can’t be spending it on preparing elaborate meal.
And for such situations, my quick fire recipes prove very handy.

A 6 ingredients recipe in 10 minutes can sort your weekend brunch or even your quick weekday breakfast that easily.

This delicious Chickpeas and avocado spread is good to make wraps too. You can add shredded chicken or cottage/ halloumi cheese, or keep it simple as it is. I prefer it to be simple and plain.


● 1 Ripe avocado cleaned and cut into chunks
● 1/2 cooked or canned chickpeas
● 1 small green chilli minced
● 1/2 onion finely chopped
● Handful of chopped fresh cilantro
● Few slices of bread of your choice toasted.
● Butter ( optional)
● Salt and pepper to taste


1) Take all the ingredients except the bread and butter in a large bowl. Mash it up with the help of a fork. Add the seasoning and a squeeze of lemon ( optional).

2) Butter your toast and top with a generous spread of this avocado Chickpeas mixture.

Relish your avo -chickpeas toast with a hot cup of coffee.

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