How to Cope up with  Lockdown Stress and 10 Ways to Bounce Back your Motivation

‘There’s a lot beyond our control right now, and which could be difficult to accept’.
Different situations in different parts of the globe, what’s happening in the world now is a lot to process where some days might be easier than others, isn’it!

By practicing acceptance and self-compassion may help to let go of the stresses which you can’t control, and free up energy and space in your mind.’

Interesting it is! Motivation usually comes after starting something new.
Perhaps, time has taught me patience and finding positivity around me amidst this pandemic. I found new ways of stress free cooking and new workout routine that I enjoy and my motivation to exercise and eat healthily came back.

I never thought with just a resistance band, a mat and things like pack of books, bottles of water etc, could be my new fond and fun ways to workout.
It is commonly believed that we get motivated by watching motivational videos, or listening to podcasts and reading books. Although these are very good motivators, they can’t do anything for you until you actually take action.

So many places have started easing down with the lockdown. It’s been 3 months now or more for some, since the lockdown and I am pretty sure by now most of you have figured out different means to deal with the situation.
But there are so many who are still struggling the process of accepting the situation.


Go for convenience……

Just use what you have around.  A backpack full of books or anything you can stuff it with can be used in resistance training. 

We often say ” I wish ……….blah blah blah”. This is the best time to fulfill things that are possible now. There’s something you’ve always wanted to try? With this in mind, it can motivate you to try new things. You can discover new ways to look after yourself, your home and stay healthy at home.

Once you start doing something it’s much easier to carry on than it was to start doing it the first place. It took me nearly a month to kick start. Healthy lifestyle has always been my priority and it is the most important thing in the current situation.

Therefore, the key is to make this first step very easy. For example, you just need to try one new sketch or a recipe or one new workout. You only need to commit to making this one step.


I started by saying “it’s enough” to myself. Started managing time, waking up early as usual and finishing off with the cleaning chores before everyone starts with their work. Then began with simple exercises with climbing stairs several floors several times, working out in the kitchen with body weights, bag of books, push ups, planks, dips etc etc, apart from all other work.

Once my quarantine period was over , sometimes went out for a run, sometimes work out at a park with kids( where there’s barely anyone), in my kitchen, climbing stairs of my building…….. at the end of the day I just feel WOW!!!!! Such a wonderful feeling.
This motivation had led me to do a half marathon one fine evening a few weeks ago.

Being stuck at home due to the lockdown should not restrict your daily activities and confined to just working desk, kitchen, couch and repeat. It’s all about the willingness to do. With so many online videos and apps today, staying fit during lockdown has become way more easier.


Staying fit and active is, therefore, the need and order of the day if we want to keep our immune systems strong and our mental health intact. 

Go for convenience

Just use what you have around.  A backpack full of books or anything you can stuff it with can be used in resistance training. 

Exercise is really important to stay healthy at home. It has been proved to increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, boost mood and cognition, and manage weight.

Plenty of workouts are available online right now. You can stream them on Youtube or even download apps perfect for at-home workouts. At least 30 minutes workout daily is all what you need to put in your routine.


Try and create yourself a routine for the day. Lockdown can make you feel like sleeping as and when desire, binge watch on your TV, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This might result in fatigue physically and mentally.

If you are working which means you get up at the same time each morning, setting yourself up for the day. Take just a few moments for you before the day starts, the phone goes off, the kids burst in or your marathon for the day begins.
Even if you are not working, you can still be productive perhaps, by taking out time for longer work outs, indulging in your hobby, learning something new (new recipes, DIY hacks…. so essential these days, new work out routines).


Meditation is such an excellent way to help people manage stress, anxiety. Improving your mental health and energy can help you to face challenges of the current situation throughout the world and manage this difficult times better. 10 minutes a day to meditate can help you with mental relaxation and stay healthy at home.
This is one thing I really need and want to work on.


We all know working out with a friend is so much more fun just like we used to at the gyms. But, just because we are isolating does not mean we have to miss out. Invite your friend for an online chat and to work out together. Join an online class together or train with your personal trainer through online training sessions. Truely this is so much fun as well.


It could be in garden, patio or even hit the roads if your city permits that.

Make the most of your one-hour daily outdoor excursion. It could be anything running, jogging, walking or even doing HIIT? Just make it count. Get your vitamin D, feel fresh air coming, smile and let the endorphins flow.


This is a great time to really invest in your self-development while at home.

Develop new or nurture a hobby. Are there skills you have always wanted to learn but never had the time? This is the best time to develop new hobby.

Today I have a completely different approach…….


Stop putting pressure on yourself. Some days might be more productive and some days may be not.

As for someone like me, who love to be doing something 24/7 and cannot sit still, it was difficult for me at the beginning of my qurantine period. Over this period of time since the lockdown I began with putting less pressure on myself and realizing and learning that it is so okay to not achieve my goals every time. This has helped me to boost my motivation level and productivity.


Stay hydrated, drink a glass first thing in the morning and then keep sipping on water all day long.
Plan your meals, cook together, make it a thing. Whether with family or housemate or partner. Eating properly will be key to you staying fit and healthy in this period.

With the lockdown I could see different social media handles has been bombarded with post of people indulging upon delicious dishes on a daily basis from sweets, cakes, breads, meat, fish etc. Do not make your menu special everyday and limit to the weekends like it used to be before the lockdown. Keep it simple. In this way you will be less stressed, not end up eating more, and thereby be more active.

Leave the snack cupboard..

Dont go overboard…..Unstock your snack cupboard. If the naughty snacks aren’t there you’re less likely to go for them. No one needs 5 packs of chips ahoy, doritos or tostitos, haldiram snacks, etc.


Try not to get sucked into Netflix….

Sleep is very important for a healthy immune system.
This is not about how long you sleep but how well you sleep or the quality of your sleep. Your whole body and mind can regenerate and replenish energy while you sleep, keeping yourself ready for the next days and active.

Switch off the gadgets at least an hour before you go to bed sleep. I know it’s difficult at times as it draws out attention every time there’s a ping on the phone or we get tempted to watch another episode of the favourite series. But honestly, when you do it few times you automatically get it.

Bringing such simple changes, accepting the situation and find new ways, alternatives had been a learning experience for me,  and has helped me a long way to beat the covid 19 and lockdown stress. I am sure this will benefit you too. Most importantly, stay safe, stay hydrated, stay distant.

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