"Afghan jalebi, mashooq farebi, ghayal hai tera dewana bhai wah...bahi wah wah wah!!......."  You must be wondering, what the hell i am saying! Well, I was singing and dancing to the tune of this Bollywood dance number that summer afternoon along with my little daughter Annie, with her crazy moves and steps. I laughed my … Continue reading CHAPLI KABAB


NANDOS STYLE PERI PERI CHICKEN What do mean by Peri Peri ??? I would say " Explosion of flavors". This recipe is for all the Nando lovers. Peri-Peri means African Bird"s Eye Chili. I love the spiciness of this Portuguese cuisine after Indian cusine. The flamed grilled chicken salivates your whole mouth, the sauce with … Continue reading PERI PERI CHICKEN